Crud, Leslie West

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Crud, Leslie West
« on: 24 Dec 2020, 02:09 am »
One of the greats, Leslie West, died of heart failure.
I just read an article on him in Rolling Stone, here's a funny quote:

 A turning point, he once said, was seeing Cream at the Village Theatre (later the Fillmore East) in 1967. “My brother said to me, ‘Let’s take some acid before we go,’ ” West told Blues Rock Review in 2015. “So we took LSD and all of a sudden the curtain opens up and I hear them playing ‘Sunshine of Your Love’ and I see Eric Clapton and his buckskin jacket. I said, ‘Oh my God, we really suck.’ After that, I started really practicing and practicing.”


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Re: Crud, Leslie West
« Reply #1 on: 26 Dec 2020, 05:06 pm »
Bummer, Mountain was one of my favorite bands in my youth.

RIP, Leslie.


Re: Crud, Leslie West
« Reply #2 on: 26 Dec 2020, 06:07 pm »
One of my favorites too


Re: Crud, Leslie West
« Reply #3 on: 7 Jan 2021, 02:27 pm »
One of my favorite all time concerts was West, Bruce and Laing in Boston, Mountain and Cream for a night brilliant playing.