US Shipping options - freight?

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US Shipping options - freight?
« on: 25 Nov 2020, 05:18 pm »
I'm looking to pick up a set of Spatial M3's from a seller that doesn't seem to have a go-to method for shipping. He got a quote from UPS for $360 shipping them as two separate boxes which I think is quite high, and I'm also concerned about them arriving undamaged. The Mrs works a lot with UPS shipping high end art reproductions and they routinely have issues getting UPS to accept liability.

I've heard people were paying as little as $200 for freight shipping a couple years ago, but obviously this stuff goes up a lot over time. Does anyone here have any recommendations for shipping these across the country in a safe and cost effective manner? Based on the conversations we've had thus far, I may just have to gamble with UPS as I think he wants a fairly hands off approach to packaging it up.


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Re: US Shipping options - freight?
« Reply #1 on: 25 Nov 2020, 05:37 pm »
I have used Team Worldwide.

They picked up speakers at my house (that I packed in their original cartons), palletized them, and delivered them perfectly. The cost was very reasonable compared to UPS or Fedex Freight.