seeking info on my ACI speakers and recommendations for powering them

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I've had a set of ACI speakers for many years, and now that I'm thinking about replacing my integrated amplifier I'd like to find out more about the speakers and get any recommendations as to what amplifier would be good for powering them.
The speakers were built from a kit by a colleague I'm out of touch with, so I don't know much about the speakers, except that I love them and intend to keep using them forever. Having looked for info online, I'm thinking the 2 satellites are Sapphire IIs. The subwoofer is passive, with a crossover and 12" woofer. The link below is to a 9-page PDF that shows one of the satellites, the subwoofer, and a schematic diagram of the crossover.
Any info about the speakers, and recommendations about powering them would be greatly appreciated.
Here's the link:

Happy to have found this site. Looks like I'll be spending a lot of time here!


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This might help

Lots of information in this archived circle.

Rich Carlson

Those do look like Sapphire IIs.  I had the IIIs, and still have a pair of the IIILE.   Very easy to drive - they did well with everything from a Dynaco ST-35 (17W/channel) to several different 200+ watt SS amps.  As for the subs, there are now plenty of dedicated sub amps out there that have crossovers and related adjustments built in; that's what I'd consider.