Ceiling mounting 2x2 242's

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Ceiling mounting 2x2 242's
« on: 2 Nov 2020, 05:25 pm »

The ceiling is the part of my HT/music room I've been putting off on treating, mostly because of the complexity of getting up to the 15 foot or so vaults. I have two GIK 242's in the 2x2 size that I'm thinking about using in the ceiling vault apexes of the room.  The panels have one wire across the back and two additional hooks that a 2nd wire could be attached.

Any suggestions on how best to mount the 242's in the vault apexes?  Thinking maybe having them angled to cover the vault apex/corners and attached to the ceiling using a hook connected to the wire, but not sure if that is going to work.  I'd prefer to not be experimenting with mounting approaches while up that high on a ladder, would be best if I have a known/tested mounting option for this type of area.



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Re: Ceiling mounting 2x2 242's
« Reply #1 on: 2 Nov 2020, 06:14 pm »
Normally I suggest using bass traps mounted across corners..... the 242s are too thin to help with bass which is a useful strategy in corners.

But yes, 242s mount the same way as 244s and Monsters. Lots of ways to do it --  you can use any sort of hardware in the rear wood frames, just carefully pre-drill the holes.

This video gives the basics of installation to get you started with ideas.

Some people do something like this:

Lots of options, you can make just about anything work.