Newby here - Looking for info on Amadeus MKii

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Newby here - Looking for info on Amadeus MKii
« on: 16 Oct 2020, 02:10 am »
I'm new here and this is my first post - appreciate any help/advice you all can provide. 
I am looking at a one-owner Amadeus MKii for sale locally - comes with original box/packing, dust cover, Auditorium 23 turntable mat, and a set of Audio Technica isolation/leveling feet - but no cartridge.   Asking price is $1,600. 

The Amadeus would be going into a system that consisting of a Yamaha M-2 amp, Yamaha C-2A preamp, Acoustic Research AR-9 speakers.  I previously had a B&O 8002 turntable, and currently run a Thorens TD 165 (Nagaoka 110) and a MusicHall MMF-5 (Goldring 1042).  I have about 1,000 albums that I started collecting since High School (1977).  Musical interests run the gamut - jazz, rock, pop, classical - everything cleaned with a Okki-Nokki record cleaner. 

A couple of questions:
Is this more table than my system deserves?
Is the asking price reasonable?
What should I be looking for when I go see/audition it?
What cart would work well with the Amadeus?

Thank you very much for your help!


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Re: Newby here - Looking for info on Amadeus MKii
« Reply #1 on: 18 Oct 2020, 03:53 am »
Hi, Heinz. That’s a good price and your cart would work fine. The table would be much more modern sounding (and looking) than the rest of your system, and you would not be hearing everything it can do.  I don’t really believe in “too good.”  But I think it only makes sense if you’re going to eventually upgrade the other pieces. If you like what you have, leave well enough alone and buy more records.


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Re: Newby here - Looking for info on Amadeus MKii
« Reply #2 on: 18 Oct 2020, 04:09 am »
asking price is reasonable

the table is considerably better than the rest of your system currently but it is smart to have a great sounding source - then improving components further down the chain will just result in better and better sound quality!!!

from what you describe it seems the current owner has good choices in ancillary gear like the a23 mat... just make sure the platter bearing is nice and tight, and that the belt/motor runs smoothly with no audible noise if you put ear right up against it when running

you will need to deal with the heavy damping fluid in the trough for the arm 'bearing' and will need to figure out whether to empty it to move it home, or just leave it be - hopefully you have a soft smooth riding car!

i would suggest a dynavector or hana cartridge - buy the best one you can afford

lovely lovely turntable that is... congrats!!