Depleted RTC Battery: Simply a matter of replacing or more action required?

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Hi  Foum Members and Bryston Service Staff (e.g. Chris),

My name is Martin (from Holland); I registered to this forum.  This is my first mail.
I own an early BDP-1 since late 2011 (still in its original firmware configuration): S0 98 2011-04-01.

The BDP-1 Player has been working flawlessly for the last 9 years, since its purchase  (I tried the S1 and S2 updates but decided that it is much less hassle to use the BDP-1 as a stand-alone Hi_RES media Player , as  it initially was designed, rather than fiddling with ever changing internet and server software/hardware).

I did make an Image of the S0 firmware and wrote this back on a Back Up CF card (so I can deal with a corrupted or damaged CF card, if ever required). So Far, So Good!

However I do have a question about the RTC (CMOS) button Back Up Lithium Battery (DURACELL CR2032).

As, typically their lifetime is 10 years on PC boards, I have replaced this RTC Battery early 2020 by a new one (Careful "hot swap" to ensure that no CMOS settings were lost while the Battery was out and ensuring that Mains Power was not off).

My question is now as follows:

If this CR2032 battery would have been depleted fully  (either by neglect or due to an early battery failure) and I would not have used the  BDP-1 player for say 1-2 months (e.g. vacation):

1) Would the CMOS configuration of the BIOS loose its settings completely (defaulting to a Base Setting)
and would render this the BDP-1 player fully inoperable? i.e a "DEAD" BDP-1?


2) Would the BDP-1 player  (after replacing the CR2032 Battery) still power up again again and Boot up and
could I simply reset it to "Factory Password" (bryston) and reset it also to "factory settings " by using the 4 buttons (placed in a diamond layout) on the Front Panel?

I hope Option 2 is applicable, because if Option 1 would occur, I would then have to send it to the Importer (Mafico , here in Holland), who hopefully has commissioned a Service Shop to carry out repairs.

Chris, could you please confirm whether the BDP-1 is "Self Healing" (Option 2 ) or "Self Destroying" (Option 1) in case of a faulty or depleted RTC Battery (CR2032) .

( NB I have downloaded the Service Documentation and the BIOS of the motherboard (ALIX 1E) but the CMOS is off course propriety to Bryston.

Thank you very much for am answer!

Kind regards,

Martin  from Holland
( A very satisfied customer).


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Hi Martin,

The default values are fine and although its been nearly tens years since we produced the first one I don't recall any customer bios changes more or less for this reason.  Usually when people are having difficulties with there BDP-1 or BDP-2 powering up, clearing the BIOS is sometimes one of the steps we have customers take.



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Hi Chris,

Thank you very much for your answer!

I have had 10 years uninterrupted good service from my BDP-1.
( I have changed the RTC CR2032 battery after 9 years (as a pro-active measure), so never had an ERROR 9.

I just wanted to know for sure , if i Could "brick" my BDP-1 (if I had caught a dodgy battery, which would fail very early) and simultaneously (e.g during a holiday) would have had a long Mains power failure.
(In very old computers all BIOS settings would than have been reset to the default and the computer might not work satisfactorily then).

The BRYSTON BDP-1 is apparently immune to a faulty RTC battery and subsequent Mains Power failure. 

Thank you again!

Regards,  Martin