X-Vice build complete.

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X-Vice build complete.
« on: 28 Sep 2020, 04:33 am »
I’d built the X-Static’s... they were so good & my Klipsch RP500C wasn’t balanced with them...

I bought the X-Voce kit. Built in same style as X-Static’s

MDF cabinet with oak face plate. Though on the X-Voce it’s just cosmetic. The cabinet is all MDF, then just glued the oak plank on front. Added the curves to mirror the look of the X-Static’s.

Build went very quick with no issues. Learned how to cut straight on the X-Static’s.

Note: JBL 530s aren’t enabled... still there from comparing...

Found YouTube test for center speaker bass which was handy.

Changed my Amp config to center speaker large (from small).

Need to run Audussy setup to see how it balances the speakers.

Anyway, very pleased.  I think I might have had to just remove the Klipsch & let the X-Static’s carry the weight.

Have had to add Tidal subscription.  Took me a few days to realize Apple encoding is sub-par.

Can’t even really put my finger on it... just opens up the sound. YouTube encoding seems better... because that’s how I discovered the issue.


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Re: X-Vice build complete.
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Looks great!  :D.  Interested in your hearing your sound impressions.


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Nicely done!


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Re: X-Vice build complete.
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Looks good, I like the rounded baffles on both. Thanks for sharing.


Re: X-Vice build complete.
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Listening impressions:  Basically, these just work nicely with the X-Static’s I built.

- I was actually considering simply removing the Klipsch, the X-static’s sounded so good. I was getting detail I’d never had from other Front speakers.

- You’re not listening to music through them... so your contrasting the voice & detail quality vs old center channel.

- I used a couple center speaker tests from YouTube, most especially bass testing. Because, when do you hear bass out of the center speaker?  Since I set it as ‘Large’ speaker in Amp settings, it might actually have a difference.

- I think to really experience the speaker I’m going to have to configure Dolby Atmos.  Which, now I’m not bi-amping the front speakers I have the channels to do. & since I now have Tidal... they actually have some Atmos recordings.

- Also, need to run the Audussy setup... interesting to see the speaker adjustments.


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What are you doing with the Studio 530's?


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The 530s were not connected....

But, just moved them to the sides & configured as surround L&R speakers giving me a 7.2 Dolby Atmos system.

Listen to a few Atmos tracks off of Tidal.  Wow, nice.

-  Vivaldi concerto were you feel like you’re IN the orchestra.

- Nora Jones  Come Away With Me - Just fik’n magical. The title track I’ve always adored... but listening to “I’ve got to see you again” instrumentation is sweet.

- can really hear the center channel being used...
But, that said. Makes me appreciate a well engineered stereo recording... we’re you get similar spatial effects with just 2 sources. 

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Re: X-Vice build complete.
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Man, those are really good looking baffles on those things.

One performance tweak that will be easy to implement is to get the X-Voce off the wall and move it down to the top shelf of that rack and then add a thick foam damper on the wall right behind it. The foam damper will also hide all your cables going to the TV.


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Of course you are correct.

I played with the X-Statix positioning... & interestingly right at 1/3 1/3 1/3 & 1/5 away from the wall I hit the fabled ‘sweet spot’. People said: when you find it... you’ll know it.  Not wrong.

So, yes. I’m sure the center speaker is way to close.


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Move the X-Voce out from the wall - 3’ from wall to front baffle.

Well, you weren’t kidding.
... the difference isn’t a little... it’s absurd.  I knew it would sound better... but preferred the esthetics of it tucked under the TV... stupid. Room is plenty large enough...

Was doing a wire run for ceiling & rear speakers... so had to move it anyway...


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Re: X-Vice build complete.
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Awesome work man!

I’m sure once you get it all figured out for placement, you can then center your TV!! Lolol

I was right with ya! My tv was a bit off level, so was my stand.. centering it out actually helped a bit for me that is. As Danny said, throw some foam up behind it, it will also cover the wires nicely. For that center, have it sitting close the the edge of the table so the reflection is not coming from the table top. (Just a thought) if you can. May or may not make a difference.

But man, awesome work, awesome setup!! Great job!! Really! You should be very proud of yourself!! Thanks for sharing!!