New guy dilemma: OB curious and Emerald Physics EP 2.4’s vs Spatial Audio M4TS

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Hey everyone!  I am a new audiophile trying to get my first system dialed in. I picked up some old Gallo Ref 3.0’s but am already making the transition to open baffle.  I think I’m going to go with Spatial Audio vs Emerald Physics. I am currently debating between some M4TS’s vs EP 2.4’s. Upstream is Roon to Schitt Eitr to music fidelity A1008 DAC/integrated. Any opinion regarding these two options would be much appreciated! 

Room size is 20 x 16 x 9 with a big shag rug, couch, and wood floors. Seems like the Spatial Audio speakers are way easier to set up without the need for a DSP, which may be ideal for a noob like myself. Thoughts?   :popcorn:


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I have the M3ts in a room about 20' x 16' x 8' and for my tastes they are plenty loud. My guess is that the M4's are superior to their predecessors (EP's), (and that his current models are superior to the original M series). I don't have any problem with bass, although I do use 2 subs with D-speaker correction for that extra oomph. I say go with the M4TS, I assume you're buying used. Good luck!

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Welcome!  I've heard a couple of the Spatial Audio models.  They are very efficient.


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Welcome.  I will move this topic to the Spatial Circle.


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I have the M4 Triode Masters in a 10' by 20' room and they sound great to me but your room is considerably larger. If I were you, I would hold out for an M3TS or M3TM for that size room. 


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Keep this in mind....Emerald Physics is ten year old design.  And that was Clayton Shaws company.  There have been no positive changes for ten years.  In fact, after the sale of the company it looks like some of the components may have been changed to lower cost asian stuff.  The latest lineup of product from Clayton's Spatial Audio is actually the third generation since he started Spatial.  There is really no comparison between newest Spatials and the old lineup of Emerald.  If you are going to the M series, I would suggest the Sapphires.  I, myself, have the X5's and love them.  The finest system I've had and I'm not a young man.