Help!!!! Bryston DB disk full

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Help!!!! Bryston DB disk full
« on: 10 Sep 2020, 02:59 pm »
I have been getting a banner in red with this msg (while my BDP-2 is doing a disk Update:


Bryston DB disk full

What does this mean? According to Disk Information, I have a 932G internal disk drive with 358G free. (/dev/sdb1) and  a 4 TB external drive. I have been using this configuration for several years now and have never seen this particular banner error message.

I had tried to put a 16GB USB flash drive in the rear and set it up as a SCRATCH disk, but according to Disk Info, it is "Writeable: ro", which I take to mean <read-only>, so I suppose it is useless as a Scratch disk. (What good is a scratch drive that you can't write to?). How can I make the flash drive r/w and if I do that and specify it as a SCRATCH drive, will that solve my "Bryston DB disk full" error?

Up until now the utilization of the flash drive has been 3.5G out of 16G and stays constant at that even after I define it as a SCRATCH disk. What is being stored there if the BDP cannot write to that drive? 

Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated.

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