Upgraded Kismet Monos back from Klaus

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Upgraded Kismet Monos back from Klaus
« on: 28 Aug 2020, 01:38 am »
Klaus did a great job on upgrading a pair of Kismet extremes In Stratos cases circa 2015. New transformers and the 35k Hypercaps

Wish I was better at describing the sound but just want to say these are fabulous. Instruments and voices that where buried before are now part of the music. I shake my head with EVERY song I play.  Beautiful weight and delicate highs
I run these right from a Cary DMS 600 Streamer dac. Just bought a Rogue RP 7 pre and will be hear next week. Should take the Kismets to even a higher level.
Klaus had the amps back to me within a couple weeks and made sure they where perfect, going beyond to get them just right.
I was going to sell them prior and look at Pass Labs. Sure glad I didn’t. These amps are now lifetime jewels!!