4B3 trade in promotion question

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4B3 trade in promotion question
« on: 25 Aug 2020, 06:11 pm »
I’m considering trading my 4B2 for 4B3. Can anyone tell me when this promotion ends? I have been enjoying my 4B2 a lot but now might be my time to go cubed.

My Thiel CS3.6 speakers thank you back when everything in the system is optimized. The bass response at lower listening levels is really full & non-fatiguing. There is that last little bit of lack of transparency that I believe the 4B3 would likely ameliorate.
It would be nice to know if there were any affordable paths to the 7B3’s from the 4B2.

This fall I plan to send my Thiels out for a ferrofluid tweeter refresh (if Coherent Source Audio thinks it would help). The power & texture is there in my music but there is some molasses in my vocals and a bit of grit to the vocals that wants to be un-boxed and permitted to flourish (if his makes any sense at all - LoL).