Can I use GAIA II on low-pile carpet?

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Can I use GAIA II on low-pile carpet?
« on: 15 Aug 2020, 11:29 pm »
Or should I get those accessories that lift them up a bit?



Re: Can I use GAIA II on low-pile carpet?
« Reply #2 on: 16 Aug 2020, 01:31 am »
I tried the carpet discs under a set of the GAIA III's. It turns out that the spikes on the bottom of the discs are not very long and didn't punch through the carpet and padding to the floor underneath. I'm guessing the spikes may have  only been about 1/2" long. With the thickness of a pad and carpeting, the flat bottom of the disk simply rested on the carpet. My speakers were 58#, so that resulted in less than 16# on each of the 4 footers. Perhaps with the GAIA II's, the additional weight being supported will be sufficient to compress the carpet enough to allow the spikes to do their job. But, based on my experience, I'd kind of doubt it.