Ohm Speakers

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Ohm Speakers
« on: 8 Aug 2020, 09:20 am »
Hi guys, any thoughts on the Ohm speakers

mick wolfe

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Re: Ohm Speakers
« Reply #1 on: 8 Aug 2020, 05:11 pm »
I've had a pair of Ohm 1000's for several years. I bought them to specifically fit my small listening using their room volume chart.  Bottom line is that no speaker I've tried in that room sounds better than the Ohm. They're very well voiced and do a superb disappearing act.  That said, everything really will depend on your room size and listening preferences. The only way to truly find out what they have to offer is to take advantage of their 120 day in home audition.


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Re: Ohm Speakers
« Reply #2 on: 8 Aug 2020, 05:50 pm »
Fun speakers, very coherent.  They can play loud without compression.  I liked mine, though they are not the ultimate in resolution.  They can put out a lot of bass in a smaller package, though it's not the tightest bass (but it's not bad either). 

You don't want to see what is inside of the cans, they make no sense.  You will ask a couple things if you listen to them and then see inside them.

1.  How do these sound as good as they do? (and they sound pretty good!)

2.  How much BETTER could these be with better parts (caps, inductors, resistors), and attention to detail and consistency in the build.  (they literally use cardboard cut by hand as a baffle of sorts for the tweeter, build quality inside can be a bit sloppy).  Maybe they are maxed out as is, no real idea...

I wondered about both questions a lot when I owned mine.  But, I would consider them again depending on the room, budgets etc.  I think John at OHM does a really great job voicing speakers.  They do like power, and they do reflect upstream changes more than I would have expected. 

I thought about trying some German Physiks as a result of my positive experience with the OHM's.  I love my current Salks and have no plans to change.  But, I suspect I will always wonder what could be done to max out the OHM's a bit more, a lot would be in regards to the parts... no one really knows if the full range drivers are off the shelf, or custom.  The tweeters I suspect measure pretty well, and are crossed pretty high up - but could improvements be made there?

I don't think you have to go nuts on crossover parts, but think the OHM's could benefit a bit from slightly higher quality parts, and maybe a more consistent build.  Could more be done with the "Cans" and the baffle inside? 

I had the 5000's and did find the "eq" bands to really have an effect, but knowing what worked in my room - could I specify that from the get go and eliminate those parts? 

The cabinets are decent, but could more detail be paid to the footer and the veneer - sure, but obviously that would cost more money. 

But, I wondered those things because I did enjoy them as they were... I liked the 5000's a lot better than some DynAudio Contour 60's in fact.

dB Cooper

Re: Ohm Speakers
« Reply #3 on: 8 Aug 2020, 07:13 pm »
I don't see how the Ohm drivers could be 'off the shelf', due to their unusual cone profile.

Year before last, Ohm exhibited at Capital Audiofest. I was excited to finally hear them- until I got there and found them in probably the worst demo I have ever seen at an audio show. They had one pair in a hallway, a huge space, nestled under an open staircase leading to another Ohm system directly above. Right next door along the hall was VPI, blasting their room as usual with the door open. The net result was listening to three systems simultaneously at the hall location, but if you went up the stairs, you could (kind of) whittle it down to two systems. It was pretty much impossible to make even a 'show conditions' judgment. Some day I hope to really hear a pair. They do have an excellent 'trial period' (90 days). The 'cans' look like they could benefit by being more 'open' and using a more inert material like the ABS my Allisons used. Looks like at least some sound would bounce around inside and come out in a very non-coherent way. Given the demo conditions, there was no way to make any judgment about that.

Phil A

Re: Ohm Speakers
« Reply #4 on: 8 Aug 2020, 07:17 pm »
I use a pair of Ohm Microwalsh Talls (augmented by an old Rel Strata III sub) in a secondary system.  The system doesn't see tons of use but it's a nice change of pace once in a while and I enjoy them.  I have a friend who has a pair of older (basically the 2000s) bigger ones he's updated the drivers for and was over there a couple of weeks back tweaking his sub.

S Clark

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Re: Ohm Speakers
« Reply #5 on: 8 Aug 2020, 07:41 pm »
I've following Ohm since their launch back in the early 70's- even owned a pair of a rather unknown model Ohm G with a small Walsh augmented by a 6-8"? woofer..  At the time, I liked the spaciousness.   I heard their early flagship model Ohm A, an imposing behemoth that required so much power that city lights dimmed on deep bass passages.  They were actually quite good speakers, but later got the reputation of the large Walsh driver failing.  I gave the Ohm F a serious look when I was buying speakers in 1976- nice speakers but pricey at the time. 
Once upon a time, Ohm were serious speakers and well respected. 

The Ohm G


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Re: Ohm Speakers
« Reply #6 on: 9 Aug 2020, 04:11 am »
Thank you for your comments, sorry for taking so long to respond but am in a different time zone ( Sydney Australia ), was curious after viewing a glowing review with Steve Guttenberg about the Ohm Walsh 2000 and there is no listings in Australia.
For anyone interested here is a link to that interview.