Kismets and Candela

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Kismets and Candela
« on: 30 Jul 2020, 06:24 pm »
Just received my Kismet Monos and Candela last week. Klaus was kind enough to drive up and meet me between Indy and Detroit and personally hand them off to me. What a nice touch being able to meet the guy behind the product. Between that and the many phone calls and e-mails during the build process, that's some outstanding customer service!

Right out of the box they sound very good.  If they continue to improve as they break in, I will be seriously impressed. And I have no reason to doubt that they won't get even better.

What is noticeable so far:

1) They create a convincing pinpoint image of where the instruments and vocals are located in the room.

2) The difference between well recorded and mastered vs. not-so-well recorded and mastered music is more apparent now.

3) The Monos with the chrome posts and the Candela with the Chrome volume knob look stunning in the rack.  The beautiful blue "Odyssey" on the faceplates is also nice on the eyes.  Not too bright in a dark room, which isn't always the case.

I didn't change anything but the amps and preamp, so audible differences are easily attributable to either the Kismets, the Candela or both. All three are staying put, that's for sure.

It has only been less than a week, but I can tell that this upgrade is a game-changing one.  Looking forward to a nice long ride with these puppies.  The twenty year warranty gives me peace of mind that these tanks were built to last, which hauling them into the house and on to the rack confirmed in spades!

Klaus, many thanks for a purchase that was everything that I could have hoped and dreamed for and more. Know that your hard work and craftsmanship are appreciated!