USING WR-1 and active speakers with KODI

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USING WR-1 and active speakers with KODI
« on: 27 Jul 2020, 02:46 pm »

iam using KODI , installed on my firestick tv , as media center.
Actually the scheme is KODI via HDMI to my AV connected to my tv. On my home net i have an USB drive inserted in USB slot on my FritzBoc 7590, acting as a NAS.
I really enjoy to browse through my FLAC collection, looking at cover Art, artist description and so on.

Iam new with my WR-1 connected to a new pair of active speakers.
Iam wondering if i could connect firestick to HDMI in my smart TV and feed my WR-1 through coaxial from TV.
This way i could still use KODI with WR-1 i think.
I have doubts on resolution of signals transported through this scheme. Do you think i would obtain the same resolution of the original File?

Thanks in advance to whoever will answer .


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Re: USING WR-1 and active speakers with KODI
« Reply #1 on: 27 Jul 2020, 04:47 pm »
Unless your TV can stream the music from media stick to its optical output, you can't connect TV to WR-1.


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Re: USING WR-1 and active speakers with KODI
« Reply #2 on: 27 Jul 2020, 05:35 pm »
ops , iam reading now you answered already here.

let me understand please. You are saying it wont work if my tv cant send music through optical output?

Maybe HDMI ARC would be more effective, i dont know, new tv is still in the box and cant test it now.
What do you suggest then? no way to mantain KODI (or something similar) and sending audio to WR-1 ?

thank you


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Re: USING WR-1 and active speakers with KODI
« Reply #3 on: 18 Sep 2020, 11:31 am »
I finally was able to unpack new smart tv at new home, and connected a firetv stick on hdmi port 1 of tv.
I downloaded KODI on firetv stick and an usb disk to my fritzbox, that can act as a multimedia server.
I set up hdmi input of smart tv to pass through in PCM format to optical output, connected to WR-1.
I also connected a pair of active speakers to WR-1 RCA output.
It works fine, so i can have a semi-Roon system that read in my DLNA archive and show me a lot of other informations from various online database, while im listening my music.
I think it should NOT damage digital signal from my disk to WR-1, because WR-1 DAC will do the work.

This way i can use WR-1 bypassing the limitations of native app and the fact that the alternative Bubble app its not ready for IOS .

A difference between this way and the original app is that output levels are minor in KODI way. Quality seems to be the same anyway.

Another possible issue im investigating on, is that with KODI setup i built, sometime, i can hear something like some micro gap  during the listening (but you have to be VERY concentrated on it).
It looks apparently solved now, with moving firestick on an hdmi without ARC ability, deleting unusued app on firestick and some little other setup of various KODI menu.

Im very satisfied of the sound im listening now, but will continue to experiment and to looking out for new possible better solutions.

Let me know please, if somebody is testing the some or other ways . Thankyou