Any Daniel Donato fans here?

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Any Daniel Donato fans here?
« on: 7 Jul 2020, 05:05 pm »
He's one of the best young guitar players out there, pretty much a god of the telecaster but knows a bit about playing acoustic as well. He's heavily influenced by the Dead, Allman Brothers and classic country guitar in general but is definitely an original and has come in to his own with what he's now calling Cosmic Country. He's got a new album coming ( and and he also does a podcast ( where he's interviewed some fellow amazing artists like Molly Tuttle, Orville Peck and most recently Yvette Young. I'm a big fan as you can probably tell and would definitely recommend anyone who appreciates music, creativity and virtuoso guitar playing to keep an eye on him. All of his stuff is extremely well recorded without being overly digitally compressed, which is a massive plus these days.


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Re: Any Daniel Donato fans here?
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I know João Donato (jazz/bossa nova).