R.I.P Lowther Medallions

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R.I.P Lowther Medallions
« on: 18 Jun 2020, 11:28 am »

After 20 years of listening to my Lowther Medallion speakers and my wife’s complaints about their size I finally replaced them with a pair of Jim's SS 6Ms.

The Medallions  did get great reviews in their day and I’ve enjoyed them over the years with a Moon Dog 2a3 amp., a Silver Stereo 45 amp. and lastly a Mac. MC240 amp. which I’m using to drive the SS 6Ms.

Damn, damn, damn, oh wow I just threw them in my space based on proper dimensions and what a change the SS 6Ms made. They are much more unveiled, lively, and more musical not to mention that they go lower than my retired Medallions.

I cannot even begin to describe the amazing fit and finish of these fine speakers!
Many, many congratulations to Jim and your crew for a superb job!

I’m really looking forward to hearing these after I get them properly oriented and they get a few hours on them.