Electron Kinetics Eagle 7B any schematics/ Have 7A and all the versions of the 2

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Schematics for Electron Kinetics 7B
I have all other schematics and Russ Sherwood does not have the 7B

Just a shot in the dark


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Phil A

Welcome!  Sometimes hifiengine.com has service manuals

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Was the 7B a complete overhaul of the 7A?


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Hi JP,

Sorry, I do not have schematics of the Eagle 7B.  Interested in Eagle 2 schematics.  Please PM me.

Thank you.

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Was the 7B a complete overhaul of the 7A?

From the ad linked above:
Please note that there were no 7B amps made from the ground up, so the faceplate on all 7B amps is labeled 7A. They were all 7A upgrades and it involved extensive circuitry improvements.


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I was one of the first, if not the first, in Canada to own John Iverson’s Electron Kinetics Eagle 7a. Fond memories. Interesting note, it sounded almost exactly like monoed Classe DR2s. I know because I owned a DR2 and borrowed another one to try in mono. I was one of the first to own a DR2 as well. Kind of amazing really.

I did talk to a guy years later who knew Iverson and modified the amp from a 20th row presentation to a 6th row. Kind of guessing of the rows, been a long time. Point is, more upfront and in your face. Perhaps this the the B version because I never heard of Iverson doing so. It was shortly after the 7A release that he disappeared. Maybe a couple years. Kind of forget now.

Rocket Ronny

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Also from ad:

He is the original owner and had it upgraded by John Iverson from a 7A to a 7B. The documentation, and cashier’s check receipt for $1,000 dated 1986, for the upgrade is shown in the photos and will be included in the sale.

I talked to Russell Sherwood at Electron Kinetics about the amp compared to the Eagle 7A and he said that the 7B had smoother highs and a more tube-like sound. He compared the sound of it to more like a high-powered single-ended triode tube amp like a Cary 805 SET amp.


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Does anyone know what happend to Russell Sherwood?  I own multiple Eagle 2 amplifiers  Have been trying to contact him, with no response.



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