Hello everyone!

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Hello everyone!
« on: 10 May 2020, 01:02 am »
I'm a music lover who is looking for a community of like minded souls.  While I'm not a big chatter, I will lurk and drop an opinion or kind word from time to time.  I hope my modest system won't offend those with deeper pockets and finer sensibilities.  I'm an USAF veteran proudly still serving the warfighter in my second career as an Electrical Engineer, father of 4/6 depending on the conversation and one of the luckiest fellas on the planet earth (just ask my wife).  Deeply interested in learning more about my equipment so I can start tinkering more often.  I'm also a big rock and roll fan, so I'll be interested in what people here have to share.


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Re: Hello everyone!
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Welcome  :thumb:
Hope your image will not offend the no politics rule.

Phil A

Re: Hello everyone!
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Wind Chaser

Re: Hello everyone!
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Welcome to Audio Circle.  :D


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Re: Hello everyone!
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Greetings & Welcome to AC curaven    :thumb: