New Room! Need advise for Room treatments

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New Room! Need advise for Room treatments
« on: 9 Mar 2020, 10:27 pm »

New member here.

I just recently moved to our new home and added some panels on the side walls. I would like to add some bass trap which is the 6" Impression Bass Trap Diffuser / Absorber for both corner of the front wall. Due to limited space I have chosen them instead of the Tri-trap.

Another question is I would like to add another 1" Art acoustic panel on the side of the right channel speaker 24x36". I know I have some panels already but there is that open space for reflection.

The front left wall has a window on the side.
The left speaker is spaced far from the side wall as it is the front door and no room for an acoustic panel.

What panels do I need more that would look good and is still effective in my room?