Tube Choices

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Tube Choices
« on: 2 Mar 2020, 11:11 pm »
Wondering... I have an Atlantic TRP with a Primaluna integrated amp. My question, Is there or should there be any relationship between the tubes used on the TRP and the tubes on my Amp? The speakers are wired to the amp so do the tubes in the integrated amp have the final shaping of the sound?


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Re: Tube Choices
« Reply #1 on: 7 Mar 2020, 09:05 pm »
I'm temporarily using a PrimaLuna Dialogue preamp with my TRP. I've found going for the sound I like for each independently has worked well so far, along with adjusting other parts of the system. I've got early 1970's NOS KT-66's in the TRP and am now burning in a Psvane WE274B replica rectifier to compare with an RK version, which is very good. With the PL, it came with well-used Mullards, which I found too cool, so I replaced them with Brimar CV4003s, four of the six being the better 13d5 version (12Au7 equivalent). I should say that with the TRP I've tried a number of tubes before settling on what I mentioned. I did try some older Mullard EL34s recently in my TRP, but they didn't have the clarity of the KT66's. I don't know if the latter would work in your PL, but they are great tubes if you can find some NOS or barely used ones at a decent price (typically from England, either direct or via eBay, which takes care). Feel free to PM me, if you want to dig deeper on this.


Re: Tube Choices
« Reply #2 on: 7 Mar 2020, 10:24 pm »
Fine tuning your preferred sound is best achieved by mixing brands.The input tubes seem to make the biggest difference IMHO.Brent Jesse has a lot of info about the sound of different tubes on his website has an EBay store too.No I'm not a shill,lol!Other places I trust are Thetubestore,Tubedepot,and Vivatubes.Have fun!