Review- Monster HTPS 7000 Power Conditioner

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Review- Monster HTPS 7000 Power Conditioner
« on: 16 Mar 2003, 02:59 am »
System -
HTPC > GW Labs DSP Upsampler > ART Di/O DAC modded by Bolder Cable>
Sunfire TG 3 > Paradigm Active 40 speakers
PC- various Virtual Dynamics Cables
PLC- Monster HTPS 7000 , cryoed wall receptacle.

This PLC will breath life into any system, no matter how humble or grand.
It has 12 outlets, 4 for power amps, 4 for digital components, two for video components and two for analog components. It features balanced power for all outlets except for the amps and has 5 stages of power filtering.
When I plugged my amps into this Monster my speakers threw a soundstage so huge that my installer thought I had the center channel on while I was listening in stereo. The great thing about this PLC is it can upgrade an entire system.
Balanced power is important in NYC since judging by the readout my power is normally around 122 or 123 vs. the ideal 120.
I feel you should build a system from the ground up, otherwise you won't know what your components are really capable of and waste dollar after dollar trying to get a sound that has nothing to do with your components.
You can audition this for 30 days from most dealers. I knew after 30 seconds this unit was not leaving my system.
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Review- Monster HTPS 7000 Power Conditioner
« Reply #1 on: 1 Apr 2003, 02:49 am »
It's too bad that too many audiophiles just pee all over Monster Cable products - I have liked many of them.

I don't doubt this top of the line conditioner is great - I bought the $200 PowerBar 1100 recently and thought it added tremendous depth and lower noise to my video system.  A little sharper pic, too.

I have the PS Audio P300 on the audio system and, for me, providing pure AC is better than conditioning AC.

Enjoy it - glad it worked for ya'.


Review- Monster HTPS 7000 Power Conditioner
« Reply #2 on: 1 Apr 2003, 03:35 am »
I'm not surprised it works well given the improvements balanced power made in my system.

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Review- Monster HTPS 7000 Power Conditioner
« Reply #3 on: 1 Apr 2003, 07:53 am »
Witchdoctor, how do you like the GW upsampler?  I was considering one, too, but the only poster here (or was it HD?) basically said he bought one and it was crap.  Still, I never want to listen to just one opinion, and it wasn't anyone I "know" at all.  What's your take on the upsampler?  Does it work well with the D/IO?


Review- Monster HTPS 7000 Power Conditioner
« Reply #4 on: 2 Apr 2003, 12:55 am »
I would say in my system the upsampler makes the most difference
in regards to the soundstage and the mid to high frequencies.
The soundstage opens up and their is more pinpoint location around instruments. The Mensa is already good, this just adds a bit more separation and depth.
Next I hear more air in regards to vocals and unamplified instruments like strings, horns, and piano. If their was a weakness I would say
some listeners might prefer a more slightly compressed presentation
as it is more in your face when listening to metal and electronica.
I bought mine for around $150 off audiogon. I use Bolder Digital , cryoed cables with bullet plugs. I think Audioadvisor will give you a 30 day audition.