Changes coming in my (modest) phono setup!

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Changes coming in my (modest) phono setup!
« on: 19 Feb 2020, 05:24 pm »
After many happy years of running my VPI Aries Scout's Sumiko BPS EVO III through a CIAudio VPP-1 phono preamp and VAC-1 power supply, I'm about to make some changes in my analog setup.

I recently got a PEQ-1 Mk II, but I haven't installed it yet, since I'm waiting on the AC-15 Mk II power supply. So tonight I'm going to change out the very old BPS for a new Ortofon 2M Bronze and use my time waiting for the AC-15 to get to know the new cart. Then once the power supply arrives, I can make that swap and be reasonably confident that any further changes in sound will be attributable to it, rather than the cartridge.

However it works out, I'm excited. This will be my first new cartridge in over 15 years, and my first new phono preamp in probably close to 10. I weighed a lot of options before choosing the PEQ-1, including Sutherland, Graham Slee, Lehmann, Parasound, even PS Audio's new Stellar unit. But I was so pleased with the performance of the little VPP-1, and the PEQ-1 Mk II got such positive reviews from Fremer, TAS and ToneAudio, that I expect great things. Can't wait!  :D


Re: Changes coming in my (modest) phono setup!
« Reply #1 on: 20 Feb 2020, 12:11 pm »
Let us know how you like the Ortofon with the PEQ•1.
VPP•1 was a great little phono preamp, but PEQ•1 is in a different league.
You should hear a big improvement in transparency!

Thanks for being a long-time repeat customer!