Difference between Scatter-plate and Alpha panel diffusion.

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Doesn’t seem like GIK checks their Circle that often...but I’m curious what the difference in diffusion is between a 4” panel with a hidden-behind-fabric plastic scatter-plate, compared to a 4” Alpha panel (where the diffusion is wood over the fabric???

From what I can see, the scatter-plate has larger sized gaps, so also have less gaps than that of an Alpha panel.

Is this ‘looks’ based decision only? Or would one diffuse ‘better’ than the other in a same usage scenario.



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I think they are the same except for looks, price, and size.  The Alpha and Impression series add a decorative function to the panels.   They are a little smaller, i.e. the rectangular panel in the Alpha and Impression series are 23" x 45.5" and the regular panels are 24.25" x 48.25".  If you look at the measurements the regular panel is ever so slightly more absorbent probably due to the size.