To much power? mono or stereo subs?

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To much power? mono or stereo subs?
« on: 8 Feb 2020, 04:45 pm »
Hi all,

I am considering getting the Monitor speakers. I will be pairing them with NAD M33 Master series integrated amp. It won't be released until March.
Is 200W overkill for the monitor speakers? I'm not a loud listener at all. Plus the room i will be using is medium size so i don't need to turn it very high to enjoy my music.

Since the M33 offers Stereo subs i was looking into pairing them with the Monitor speakers. (Servo Sub Kit2)
What are your thoughts on stereo pairing subs? I will be treating my room to defuse/absorb all that low energy on the bottom corners should i do the same for the top corners as well? Should i stick to mono sub?

Thank you.


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Re: To much power? mono or stereo subs?
« Reply #1 on: 8 Feb 2020, 09:46 pm »
Nothing wrong with having lots of head room (power over and above the minimum needed) I would not worry about 200 watts being too much. The pair I'm building for my dad will be used with a Rogue Audio Pharaoh integrated rated a 185 watts.

Stereo subs are the right way to do it in my opinion. There is stereo information in the bass in most recordings so you should strive to maintain that in playback. Think of it as an extension of the main speakers, left and right. Contrary to popular belief deep bass is not truly mono. There is actually directionality in the lower ranges. Plus introducing bass from a second location tends to smooth the bass response out in the room as well as increase the power of the bass. If you are considering Danny's H frame open baffle subs remember they need to be positioned at least 3 feet from the front wall ideally close to each main speaker.