Optical Module Question

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Optical Module Question
« on: 15 Jan 2020, 10:06 pm »
I know that this module can be used in different configurations and I do have it working just fine.  But, I have noticed something odd about setting it up that I wanted to ask about.  I have a TP Link connected to my network switch converting the ethernet to fiber.  That in turn connects to the Optical Module which feeds ethernet to my SOtM streamer.  When powering up I do not get communication to the Optical Module.  Unplugging and re-plugging connections, or powering up in a different sequence does not help.  However, if I disconnect my streamer and plug the internet ethernet cable feeding the network switch directly to the Optical Module it begins to talk immediately.  Then, if I disconnect that cable placing it back to feed the switch and reconnect the streamer to that Optical Module it continues to talk and work just fine.

So, am I using this Module 180 degrees out from what was intended with it's design?  I understood it to be fully bidirectional without issue.

Thank you