2-CHerry vs 48V Desktop Maraschinos

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2-CHerry vs 48V Desktop Maraschinos
« on: 7 Jan 2020, 10:18 am »
The 2-CHerry has higher headroom (60V power supply, 400Wpc into 4Ω) and a common power supply.  It is a single, compact, high performance stereo amp.  Setup is simple.  The amp channels are Maraschino boards (same as the DTM) with triple capacitance for better transient delivery.  Some say this amp has a slightly more airy sound than the 48V Maraschinos.  The 2-CHerry comes in 120VAC and 230VAC nominal versions.

However, the 48V DTM is a true monoblock, so placement is more flexible, allowing shorter speaker wires for higher effective damping factor.  Channel isolation is essentially perfect.  Individual universal-AC medical grade external power supplies allow more flexible placement options and worldwide use.  Each amp is also on a heavy base with anti-vibration feet.  Definitely a different look in case that matters.  There are no vent holes, enhancing reliability.  Power output is still pretty high at 250Wpc into 4Ω.  Both use the same Cherry amp boards, and have the lowest wideband output impedance of all Cherry Amps to date.  The 48V Maraschino also has slightly lower noise for a blacker background, but the same SNR (close to 120dB) as the 60V Maraschino due to the lower maximum output.  Both 2-CHerry and DTM amps come with single ended input adapters, but the monoblocks run on independent floating power supplies for a more reliable zero-hum setup.  Maraschino Monoblocks (DTMs, GCMs, ILMs) even tolerate running on separate AC mains per channel without issue, from each other (and from the source).