Cherry Classic MONOs -- looking for a tube fan

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Cherry Classic MONOs -- looking for a tube fan
« on: 19 Dec 2019, 09:43 am »
We have a pair of DEMO Classic Cherry MONO amps now available.  They were originally part of a tri-amp experiment in 2010.  Since then, they have been re-built, into our new enclosures (same as used for MEGA MONOs).  They have experimental 1500W transformers and double rail capacitance upgrades.  We have used them for "sounds like tubes without the noise" demos recently.  Faceplates aren't installed, and are optional, red or black.  These amps put out nearly 1kW peak and about 800W continuous per channel.  They have an SNR of about 115dB, super low distortion, and offer gobs of headroom.

So, what's so special about these monoblock amps?  These amps have been called "the most tube sounding solid state" many times!  They have a smooth sound.

What else is so special?  The price.  If you agree to provide a review on our Audio Circle review thread, you get a bonus discount.

If interested, just email me at!  This is a HUGE opportunity for the right person.