Sonore opitcalModule - fiber media converter

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Sonore opitcalModule - fiber media converter
« on: 2 Dec 2019, 11:33 pm »

The Sonore opticalModule is a bi-directional fiber media converter or FMC. The opticalModule has an SFP fiber optic transceiver on one side and an RJ45 connector on the other side. The unit can be used to add fiber-optic networking to your existing wired network or convert your existing fiber optic network to a wired network. The unit can be used with a microRendu, ultraRendu, opticalRendu, Signature Rendu, or any other network endpoint

Four (4) high-quality ultra low noise linear regulators
Fixed frequency high-quality ultra low jitter FEMTO oscillator
External power input jack
RJ45 input connector
Includes one SFP fiber optic transceiver
Power connector: 2.1mm x 5.5mm (center +)
Power input: 5-9 VDC
Dimension: 3.5"x2.2"x.7"

Optical Ethernet to Cable Ethernet Converter
Cable Ethernet to Optical Ethernet Converter

The opticalModule is systemOptique Certified.

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