Room Treatment Advice Requested!

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Room Treatment Advice Requested!
« on: 17 Nov 2019, 08:42 pm »
In my home I have a great room where half of the overall room space is a living room / home theater / listening space. The total room dimensions are about 40' x 20'. The home theater area is at the "rear" of the long side with dimensions roughly 20' x 16' (20 overall room width, 16' being the width of the area along the 40' measurement listed on overall room size above). The room is hard flooring but listening has a large L shaped sectional on a large wool rug in center of room covering 50% or more of overall listening area floor space. The ceiling is vaulted from the front wall (14' high) to the rear wall (8.5'). rear wall has two windows with wood look blinds, no coverings. Center of rear wall are framed photographs. Front wall has a "nook" 20" deep and 9.5' wide by 7.5' tall. picture included.

I have taken room measurements at the listening position (2/3 of the room "depth" from front wall to center of couch). Used a miniDSP usb calibrated mic and my macbook pro with REW. Included are the raw REW files and select images, both upward facing 90* calibration measurements and forward facing mic w/ 0* calibration file measurements. Followed the GIK acoustics measurement video as recommended for REW.

I see a difference in high end peak / drop off with the 2 measurements. It looks like some peaks around 1-2k which I'm hoping some front wall nook absorbers might help with. Further, there's some significant drop off in the high end around 15k and it appears the entire high end (5k-15k) is quite elevated. My untrained eye doesn't see anything greatly out of whack in the waterfall graph other than maybe a room resonance at 120hz or so.

Equipment in use is my marantz 6000 series (2017 model) AVR, center channel klipsch RP-250C and 2x Tekton Pendragon mains with Klipsch RP-140 atmos units and an SVS PB13Ultra in the rear of the room.

Current plan is to treat front wall (9.5' wide in the "nook) with 3 vertically oriented absorber panels (4' by 2'). Anyone have further or different ideas that might be of use?

Thank you!!!