SOLD: dB Audio Labs Tranquility DAC

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SOLD: dB Audio Labs Tranquility DAC
« on: 17 Nov 2019, 01:04 am »
Wonderfully sounding USB DAC with 16 bit internal native resolution (DAC plays 24/96 music files by fitting its native 16 bit resolution). Standard version with Mundorf Supreme output caps.

I think this DAC is meant to be used with Apple computers with the Mac Mini being the most frequent computer mentioned in a lot of glowing reports. Eric Hider at db Audio Labs did mention once that the DAC operates with PCs as well (no guarantees from my end as I used it with a Mac Mini). He also might still do upgrades if you track him down.

Search AC for a lot of information, e.g.

Priced to sell at $280 shipped to CONUS (original MSRP was $1,500).   DAC is sold.

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