Interesting sale.

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Interesting sale.
« on: 8 Nov 2019, 03:03 am »
I have no association with this sale.
There are some interesting items.
I can’t make it, hope you can. 

Apogee Acoustics

Duetta signature speakers

vintage radios

vintage pioneer turn table, PL-L1000

Kenwood K-D 500 turn table

A lot of vintage turn tables & equipment

Sound lab electrostatic speakers

Sansui c-9000 DB Stereo receiver

Philips reel to reel N4504

Direct coupled solid plate amplifier phase linear

JVC Equalizer

Bose Equalizer

Yamaha Sound stereo TC 800 GL

Sae digital tuner

Teac V 35 stereo

DBXII model 128 noise reduction system

vintage Sony umatic cassette recorder

vintage Nex video cassette player

reel to reels

8 track tapes

Jensen car speakers

vintage records

walk man

Dahlquist DQLPI variable low pass filter

NAD stereo

Hafler DH-200 amplifier

Sennheiser electronic dual microphone


Re: Interesting sale.
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very cool! thanks for posting!

steve k

Re: Interesting sale.
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Kent J:
This looks like your area!
steve k