SOLD: Origin Live Illustrious Mk II Tonearm - $740 includes fees and shipping

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SOLD to M.N. in FL.
For sale is an Origin Live Illustrious Mk II Tonearm in good condition.  Price is $740, which includes Paypal fees and FedEx ground shipping.  CONUS only, please.

The tonearm is an excellent performer -- very solid bass, delicious midrange, resolved treble -- I used it happily with my Teres Turntable with various carts over the years. 

I'm thinking this Illustrious tonearm here might win for best price/performance of any tonearm new or used for sale in the world today.   :D

Condition is good, everything works great, all parts are included, manuals are included.  There are scuffs and some dings here and there.  See the 11th photo to see dings on the edge of one side of the base.  The Eichmann RCA bullet plugs have lost some plating at the tips.  The wooden box has a crack on one side.  I am including a bunch of photos, but I can also email high rez ones (Audiocircle shrinks the photos to save server space).

I got out of vinyl a few years ago due to my raging progressive LP vinyl/cover mold allergy, so the arm has been in storage. 

Length of the RCA cables from the base of the arm to the end of the bullet plugs is 46".

You can check out my great feedback at Audiogon as williamdc and on Ebay as williamcap.

Identifying Origin Live Tonearms:

What is included:

* Illustrious Mk II Tonearm
* Phono cables with Eichmann Copper Bullet Plugs
* VTA Adjuster
* Attachment bolt and washer
* Counterweight
* Anti-skate wire loop and weight
* Original Wooden Box
* Tool set (4 small tools) for assembly
* Installation instruction manual
* Alignment gauge
* Spec sheet
* Feature page
* Wire Loop installation instruction sheet

The tonearm will be packed well in it's wooden box, then will be doubled boxed for travel safety.

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