Ticking Noise From TV Optical Out Using Over The Air (OTA) Antenna

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I hope this is the right forum for this.  If not, please let me know.

I have an issue that I just discovered once I replaced a piece in my system.  I have an optical coming out of my 10 year old plasma TV into a new Elac DDP-2 that I use as a pre-amp and DAC. When I have the Over The Air antenna selected as the output from the TV I get this really fast ticking noise through the Elac optical selection. However, the crazy thing is that I do not get this ticking noise when I have my Amazon Firestick output from the TV into the exact same optical input on the Elac and through the exact same optical cable.  So, to clarify, the only thing I change is the "input source" on the TV.  Nothing else changes but I only get the sound when watching the local channels over the antenna through the optical.  If I just turn the volume up on the TV then that works fine but of course it is not good sound.

The odd thing is that I did not get the ticking when I previously used a Pioneer receiver as the pre-amp.  And, just to make sure it was not the Elac causing the issue, I hooked up my Mytek and used it the same way and got the same noise. So, it seams there must be something going on with the plasma tv causing the issue but it was resolved with the Pioneer and so I never noticed it before.  I have gone through all of the settings in the tv but did nit see anything that looked like it could be the issue.

Any thoughts?  I really want to keep the Elac and also I prefer not to have to add another device in the chain. 



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It may be mobile phone frequencies coming through.. Apparently mobile phone frequencies can really mess with Over the air TV as they are close on the spectrum. There is a device to place between antenna and TV to kill the bad stuff from the cell phone towers.
I cannot guarantee this device is what you need, but it is what I can think of.  :thumb:


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My old plasma TV does the same kind of thing when I use its internal OTA tuner - only audio out is analog through the rear RCA connectors or the internal TV speakers. To watch OTA shows, I use use my Tivo DVR and its HDMI output into the plasma. The Digital Audio output (optical) from the plasma then connects to my DAC/preamp. It used to work with your Pioneer receiver probably because you used the analog outs from the TV to the receiver versus a digital setup. All this just a WAG on my part.

AVSforum.com is probably a better forum for this kind of thing IMO. Good luck


I'll take a wild stab in the dark -
OTA programs are broadcast in Dolby Digital 3/2 surround sound

The Crutchfield overview says:
"If connecting to a TV, please make sure you can select "PCM" output in its audio menu — the DDP-2 cannot decode multichannel Dolby® Digital signals "

If that doesn't work looks like you are stuck with the TV's line level RCA outs. I use the HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) but I don't think that will work with the DDP-2.
The older Panasonic Plasma TV's called ARC "Viera Link HDAVI Control" The TV would need the HDAVI Control 5.
Amazon has HDMI audio breakout boxes for $24 but I have no idea if they will work with ARC


I had similar problems with my Sonos player as source, and my DirecTV box as source. I think they put out too much jitter for my "hifi" DAC to handle. The Sonos (SPDIF Coax) caused my DAC to click like yours, and the DirecTV (toslink) source caused 1 second silent dropouts every 30 seconds. I cured the Sonos clicks by changing from Black Cat SPDIF coax cable to a true 75 ohm coaxial cable from Blue Jeans Cable.  I cured the DirecTV dropouts by replacing the hifi DAC with a Pioneer receiver.

Before replacing the SPDIF cable I tried curing the clicks with iFi coax SPDIF filter (still using the Black Cat SPDIF cable) but it didn't fix it, although SQ was improved. Replacing the SPDIF cable fixed the problem. Make sure your coax digital cable is a true 75ohm cable (wire and connectors.) Also make sure all the cable connections are clean, as oxidation and dirt will affect the cable impedance which affects how much jitter is added by the cable.

I think mass market engineers (like Pioneer) anticipate poor quality signal sources and integrate solutions to avoid the blame when customer hears the clicks. While some hifi designers might assume a good quality signal will always be present and never test the robustness. Especially if they sell a digital signal source product, like my DAC brand.


Richidoo -- I don't have an option for digital output from the TV that the ELAC will accept other than optical so not an actual wire at 75 ohm. 

GAB -- I was only using the digital optical out.  I have never used the analog outputs.

WGH -- Unfortunately, I cannot find a setting that allows for PCM output.  That may be a function on never TV's but mine is around 10 years old, so I have no way to determine if that is the actual problem. 

I know you guys are offering suggestions so I just wanted to clarify what I am dealing with.



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Plasma TV's are a known source of RFI interference. Just ask any Ham radio operator.


Richidoo -- I don't have an option for digital output from the TV that the ELAC will accept other than optical so not an actual wire at 75 ohm. 

I see. Maybe try a replacement toslink cable? I use a $6 Amazonbasics toslink with good results, and it seems well built.

Maybe clean the toslink connections with alcohol and Q tips, but make sure you use dry Q-tips to wipe the wet alcohol off rather than let it dry.