LampizatOr Amber Dual Triode Tube Question

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LampizatOr Amber Dual Triode Tube Question
« on: 3 Nov 2019, 01:39 pm »
Folks, does anyone know if the two Ecc81 and Ecc82 dual triode output tubes need to have balanced triodes? I think a similar design is applied to other models and I'm guessing each triode within each tube drives a different channel, e.g., right, left, so a balanced (dual) triode in each tube makes sense.
Anyone can confirm?


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Re: LampizatOr Amber Dual Triode Tube Question
« Reply #1 on: 6 Nov 2019, 12:15 pm »
Yes having balanced Triode’s as well as matched gain will not only give. You a bit better resolution, longevity matched gain will ensure both channels are putting out the same
Output volume per channel. If possible use high quality vintage tubes
For an extra $10 Brent Jesse recordings will do as you ask ad more curve tracing
The tube . The older 50-60s Amperex, Mazda, Millard Telefunken all sound very good but different. Tonal balance ,the Amperex,and Mazda the best mix of everythung
Tubes are in the $125-300 range each if you want the best even $500 for the rarest.
I hope. That helps and Herbies tube dampers add a bit more resolution.