LampizatOr North America / Destination Sound Group CAF 2019 Sale thread!

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Destination Sound Group is very excited to have our products in four different rooms for 2019. We will be offering DEMO discounts on a first come, first serve basis. Below is the preview, as well as the discounted demo gear for sale.

Our main room 312 will feature our two newest brands. North american debut of Final Touch Audio cables and AudioNecs newest EVO loudspeaker line made in France. Two unique brands that will be sure to impress. AudioNec speakers have a proprietary dipole driver called the Duopole 400hz-20khz. When coupled with a traditional bass cabinet, this driver provides the transparency of electrostatics, the speed of horns, and the slam of a traditional cabinet speaker. We're also debuting our sublime single ended stereo KT150 amp/integrated. Source will be our flagship Pacific DAC. Preamp will be the MicroZOTL by Linear Tube Audio.

Room 312 Demo Specials
Lampizator Pacific - Single ended, black/gold top - retail - $24500 - Show Special - $18,250
Lampizator SuperKomputer - black - retail - $7900 - Show Special - $6300
Lampizator KT150 Single Ended Stereo Amp/Integrated retail - $9200 - Show Special - $7350
Final Touch Audio Cables - Callisto 1 meter USB - retail $865 - Show Special - $700
FTA - Ganymede 1 meter RCA - retail - $2130 - Show Special - $1700
FTA - Elara 1.5 meter powercable - retail - $750 - Show Special - $600
AudioNec EVO 2 AS Loudspeakers (powered sub version) 96db - 8ohms - 18hz-45khz - retail - $38,900 - Please inquire for show special

In the Randolph room we are partnering with Daedalus loudspeakers showing there Apollo 11 speakers with BOW subwoofers. Linear Tube Audio MicroZOTL preamp, LTA Ultralinear amp powering Apollo 11s, LTA ZOTL40 EL-34 amp powering the subs. For sources we will have our Golden Gate 2 and the world debut of our phonostage the Lampizator Vinyl Phono MC1. Lampizator SuperKomputer for digital transport duties. Turntable is the VPI Prime Signature TT/Soundsmith Hyperion II ES Cartridge. Wywires diamond series cables will tie it all together.

Randolph Room Demo Specials
Lampizator Golden Gate 2 retail - $16900 - Show Special - $12,950
Lampizator Lampizator Vinyl Phono MC1 retail - $7500 - Show Special - $5950
Lampizator SuperKomputer - retail - $7900 - Show Special - $6300

Room 526 we are partnering with Linear Tube Audio. We will be using our Amber 3 DAC for the source. Linear Tube Audio will be featuring their LTA Z10 integrated amp, New Spatial Audio M3 Sapphire Speakers. ANTICABLES will tie the room together.

Room 526 Demo Specials
Lampizator Amber 3 - retail - $2950 - Show Special - $2500

Room 414 we are partnering with 20/20 Evolution Sytems. We will be using our flagship Pacifc DAC. 20/20 will be featuring Conrad Johnson ART-27A stereo amp debut. Kharma speakers.

Room 414 Demo Specials
Lampizator Pacific DAC w/remote volume control - retail - $27850 - Show Special - $19950

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Good Luck, Fred!

I hope to share a libation or two with you at CAF!!!

Like you, I'm in FOUR rooms as well at CAF!



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I have heard the Lampizator Pacific with the Daedalus Apollo 11 and LTA amps in Lou Hinkley's Daedalus shop listening room.  You are in for a real treat.  I have the Ulysses and bought the Apollos on the spot. Very impressed by the Lampi.