New Omegas in the House

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New Omegas in the House
« on: 27 Oct 2019, 08:24 pm »
I recently put together my final system. Of most interest to this forum are the Super 3XRS speakers. They were built by the master Louis with Birdseye Maple front and back, contrasted with Cherry on the top, sides and bottom. I also requested the round speaker grills. They are more beautiful than even I imagined them. And the sound is as perfect as I hoped they would be. More on that later. The rest of the system comprises a 2009 Mac Mini which contains over 2000 albums in the ALAC format. The Mini is connected to a Centrance DACmini CX dac/headphone amp. I also have Cambridge Audio universal disc player connected to the DACmini via both optical and coax. The DACmini is connected to a Clones Audio 25ir integrated amplifier. And finally the amp is connected to the 3XRS speakers.

This is actually my third pair of Omegas over the years. Originally I had a pair of 3XRS with the hemp driver. I loved those and regretted selling them. Later on I bought the pair of Outlaw 1.5 Towers. I loved them and would have kept them, but my partner’s nephew who is a part time professional dance dj fell in love with them too, while visiting a few times. So I found it in my heart to gift him the speakers and the system that was running it. I did not regret gifting him that as it felt right in my heart to do so. But the house seemed empty without those Omegas.

To make a long story shorter, I came across the one amp I always wanted to try on Audiogon for a great price. That amp is the Clones Audio 25ir which was hand built in Hong Kong. So once I bought that, I was deciding on speakers. I thought of a few different ones which would be suitable for a lower powered amp. But I kept coming back to Omegas and specifically the 3XRS. I looked for a used pair, but could not find any. So I reached out to Louis and gave him the go ahead to build this pair to my specs. It was a great decision and I will not be giving these away. The sound for me is as perfect a blend between detail and neutrality as I can imagine.


Re: New Omegas in the House
« Reply #1 on: 27 Oct 2019, 09:32 pm »
Those are beautiful. The rs5 driver is my absolute favorite! I bet that clones omega combo is wonderful.