Inside the Designer's Studio: Clayton Shaw with Spatial Audio

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Audio Talk
Inside the Designer's Studio
"Entering a Brave New World"
A conversation with Clayton Shaw, founder and chief loud speaker designer with Spatial Audio

Hope you enjoy!


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I found myself (surprisingly) listening all the way through--interesting history and development of Clayton/Spatial speakers. I am not the kind of guy that changes speakers ad nauseam and perhaps it was the Dunlavy's time/phase coherence that didn't have me selling them until I bought (unheard) the M3 Turbo S's. At the time, I thought that if I did not like the open baffle sound, I could resell them and continue the quest. Of course that didn't happen.
    The Spatial's have ticked all the boxes, easy to drive, easy to move, huge sound (when needed), dynamic, amazing imaging, and hugely, affordability. I guess I liked them so much I upgraded the crossover and can now hear even more of what they are capable of. The X series and M series, are part of the continuing quest for state of the art in open baffledom, and I applaud Clayton's continuing efforts and abilities while enjoying what I have even if it isn't the latest iteration. Thanks for sharing!


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Thanks for your comments.
I had briefly considered breaking up the conversation into three videos, but I really
thought if your interested in speaker design then you will want to hear Clayton tell his full story straight through.
He is a class act.


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  Clayton and his BRILLIANT designs have certainly caught my attention. To boot a great person.



Magnepan Tympani 1C


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never would have known the Tympani 1c was a speaker if you didn't tell me. Clever.