SOLD -- APPJ PA1502A (Miniwatt) Tube Heaphone Amplifier

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Lush, Gorgeous sounding full tube (not a hybrid) headphone amplifier. Comes with 6P6P and 12AX7 tubes.
Body and tubes are like new with only a few hours on them, and of course you can swap these tubes out to your heart's delight for even better performance and lower gain.

Perfect match for Sennheiser HD650/600/6XX/58X (I've owned all those).
Built my own headamp so letting this one go. These are beloved and are now getting harder to find unless ordering from overseas.

$145 Shipped Paypal U.S. Continental.


0.13W / 600 ohms
0.26W / 300 ohms
0.5W / 100 ohms
1W / 32ohms

· Tube: 12AX7+6P6PX2
· Input Impedance: 10K ohms
· Input Sensitivity: 800mV
· Output: 6.3mm Jacks
· Output Impedance: 8 to 600 (Japan Z11-EI48*24 Output Transformers)
· Output voltage: 18Vp-p
· Frequency Response: 30-30Khz (+-1db)
· Input AC Voltage: 100-250V AC
· Power Consumption: 27W
· AC: Standard IEC Jack with Fuse protection (2A Fuse)

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