Stillpoints Ultra SS Audio Isolation Feet

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Stillpoints Ultra SS Audio Isolation Feet
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Pricing is per set of (4) = $SOLD


***Also - Ultra Mini's = $SOLD

Bought these new about 12 months ago. In perfect shape. They perform exceeding well and the only reason I am selling them is that I no longer need this many.

Some reviews:

"I replaced the hefty stock Focal spikes with Stillpoints Ultra SS, sat back, and was shocked by what I heard. With the Stillpoints, the soundstage opened up with greater width, depth, and bloom around images. The sound became even more detached from the loudspeakers, with a greater solidity of images between and around the Focals. " - TAS Review

"...I have since gotten a total of 27 Ultra SS's. From the very beginning what you hear is greater clarity, detail, and speed. The music becomes effortless. The addition isolation to each component, however, becomes addictive. When initially I got everything associated with vinyl isolated on the Ultras, I heard vinyl as I have never heard it before. Yes, it had additional clarity, detail, and speed, but the soundstage was high, wide, and deep and generally “real.” The sensation was unlike I have ever experienced in audio. I was hearing information that made it seem real, including accurate timbre to instruments, notably brass and drums, and also the sounds of the musician’s presence, including comments in symphonies between musicians..." - Stereo Times Review

The Stillpoints Ultra SS is a four-tier filter. Meaning there are four levels of ceramic bearings, twice as many as the original Stillpoints. The Stillpoints Ultra in Stainless Steel transfers energy faster than Aluminum and is more stable. It's ideal anywhere in the system but most effective under loudspeakers with the appropriate adapters.

Stainless Steel Ultra Stillpoints provide another dramatic significant step beyond what the aluminum Ultras are capable of. You simply must experience your system supported by these wonders. You will hear levels of resolution that you never knew existed. The improvement in blackness or space between the notes is phenomenal! Background noise is lowered yet further, revealing air, space and low-level detail like you have never heard before.

Buyer pays for shipping and PayPal costs. Local pick up available
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