How does this dipole stacked woofer setup look?

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How does this dipole stacked woofer setup look?
« on: 18 Sep 2019, 03:32 am »
How many things are wrong with this proposed/crossover design?

Even using Non-Polarized Electrolytic for cost reasons, this would be an expensive circuit.

This would be a six 12" woofer setup in a stacked Ripole/Linkwitz fashion, cone to magnet with an overall height of about 30". Total cone area equals ~ two 21" woofers.

Woofer enclosure was modelled in AJhorn 7.0 for one woofer. Impedance and frequency response were copied to VituixCAD where the crossover circuit was "designed" (<- a term I use very loosely). I was shooting for an LR4 at 75Hz.

These are very cost effective high QTS woofers (QTS=1.3) and efficiency was thrown out the window in favour of frequency response.