American Women

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American Women
« on: 28 Aug 2019, 02:29 pm »
American Women!!
 Got my cd 'The Guess Who- Live at the Paramount '72' in the mail. Gave it a spin, Wow what a good recording, its been re-mastered. I ordered it specifically for the 16:53 minute version of American Women but I enjoy listening to the whole album.

So I just transferred the CD to a USB stick to play in my digital player, Life Is Good. :smoke:


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Re: American Women
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I was in the audience. The band played two shows (if I recall correctly, one in the afternoon and one later in the evening) both were free admission for some reason so my pals and I ditched high school to attend the afternoon performance. I don't recall it being a particularly memorable concert, I saw a lot of great bands in 1972. I have the remastered CD though and enjoy spinning it every now and then.


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Re: American Women
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When Hendrix was in UK for the first time he played 2 shows at Marquee Club, one 7pm other 9pm, Pete Townshend was at the 7pm show and was completely shocked by what he saw Hendrix do on guitar.

On leaving the 7pm show Townshed met in line for the 9pm show who? Eric Patrick Clapton, Townsend said to Clapton: Dont go on this show, you better not go.

Clapton was much more shaken than Townsend and spent 3 months without playing guitar.


Re: American Women
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The missus and I just saw these guys in concert (a couple of the originals are still with the group) a couple of weeks ago.  They completely rocked the place with some unbelievable guitar solos and instrumental interludes (ESPECIALLY American Woman).  Great group.


Re: American Women
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+1 Mag
One of my all-time favs for sure, and one my wife enjoys just as much. Great music and very good sound.  :thumb:

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Re: American Women
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Lenny Kravitz has a nice version of American Woman.