Bi Amping with Khartago?

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Cliff B.

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Bi Amping with Khartago?
« on: 27 Aug 2019, 03:02 pm »
I purchased a Khartago from Aaron L. a few years ago and I really like it, but it has been sitting it's box for a year so. I would like to use it in a biamp setup where the khartago drives the woofers and the other integrated amp drives the mid/highs. The other amp is a tube integrated and the manual says that if used to bi amp with an amp that has no volume control that the gain of the second amp needs to be 25db +-2db. The integrated has pre outs that would connect to the Khartago.
Can anyone tell me what the gain is of a Khartago? Any ideas on bi amping success would be welcome.
Thanks! Clifford