"belt" for the Amadeus

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"belt" for the Amadeus
« on: 20 Aug 2019, 02:33 am »
Yesterday I finally got around to making a couple .004 poly belts for my Amadeus. I used a black poly thread that seemed to work just fine, but it sure isn't the easiest to see and work with. I know this is tired subject matter, but has anyone successfully come up with an alternate belt material? I can live with the .004 poly thread if push comes to shove, but let's just say I'm curious as to alternates. Also found an interesting comment in the manual. When getting the measurements to built a jig for the belts, I noticed a little note saying to cut off the excess thread when the belt is successfully tied, but leave 10mm tails minimum. I did just that, but I'm wondering what the reasoning is here.