NX-treme-4 Stack OB's for sale

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NX-treme-4 Stack OB's for sale
« on: 13 Jul 2019, 07:06 pm »

For anyone who really wants an exceptional set of speakers and subs.



Re: NX-treme-4 Stack OB's for sale
« Reply #1 on: 14 Jul 2019, 03:18 pm »
That's a killer deal for one of the best speakers in the world.


Re: NX-treme-4 Stack OB's for sale
« Reply #2 on: 14 Jul 2019, 04:28 pm »
Yeah, it's a   really  good  deal.,, someone's just  got to come get them. :popcorn:

There is $3500 in cross over components  and   Neotech UPOCC solid 16 Cu /Teflon  alone.
The  NX-Tremes are  already  lined in no rez and I think don is throwing in 6 sheets for the  subs
Forced moves suck  :(



Re: NX-treme-4 Stack OB's for sale
« Reply #3 on: 4 Aug 2019, 04:46 pm »
Hey, thought  I give this a bump for  Don and   breakdown original show replacement  costs

basic NX-Trem kit                        $2995
Modular quad H-frame cabinet kt  $1250
8 SW12 16FR's                            $1832
2 x HX800                                   $1138
7 sheets no-rez for  sub cabinets                   $385
Crosover Upgrades                       $3000  ( very conservative)
Clarity CMR   Caps (high pass/midrange), Clarity CSA caps (low pass / notch filter), Jantzen 12awg inductors ( high pass, midrange, notch filter), Mundorf Zero Ohm inductor (low pass), Dueland resistor (notch filter) 100+ '  Neotech UPOCCsolid 16 in teflon jacket, , Mundorf silver  solder
House of Kolor  paint on  NX-treme cabinets   $3000 
(Pavo Purple base coat, silver white marbelizer, inter coat clear,  2 coats Ice Pearl, 3 caots  Show Clear)
Satin white lacquer  paint  (quad subs towers)         $600

TOTAL    $14,200

 that total DOES NOT include anything for anything for cabinet asembly, epoxy, prep,  after paint final assembly,   Furrutech Alpha  Copper  sub  wiring, numerous sets of tube connectors for external  c/o's  etc etc... lots of  little exttras. 

This is a  forced  sale,, someone's going to get a   deal that   likely won't come along  again

Here's a link to the product info page on the GR Research  site