Chord Hugo, Squeezebox Touch, Raspberry Pi Allo Digione Signature, Ifi Nano Ione

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I'll be traveling for the next couple years so I'm letting go of a few things.

Chord Hugo - $600

Good condition. A very inexpensive way to get your feet wet with the Chord "house sound." This piece was used primarily in my home system but it is battery powered and can be taken on the road for an exquisite headphone setup.

Raspberry Pi with ALLO DigiOne Signature - $275

This little thing is extremely powerful and sounds fantastic. See DARKO's review of it here for a great explanation:

Wyred4Sound Remedy - $200

This can turn a noisy transport into a real hifi contender. I was so pleasantly surprised with what it did for the Squeezebox Touch.

Logitech Squeezebox Touch - $100

I took these photos at night and pushed my digital camera beyond it's limits so there is some funky noise going on in the images.

iFi Nano Ione - $100

Add bluetooth to any system. Another very cool piece - more info here:

Thanks for looking guys!


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Squeezebox Touch is sold, thanks Mike.


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Will you consider ship the ifi iOne to Canada? Thanks.


Sent you a PM on the Hugo Dac...