Salk WOW1 speaker

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Salk WOW1 speaker
« on: 11 Jul 2019, 10:29 pm »
Has anyone on the forum auditioned this small front port Salk speaker?  I am looking for a small high quality speaker that I can place in a bookshelf.  My room size is small at 10 X 13 feet ( 10 foot high ceiling).  I have considered other speakers from another company with a Raal tweeter.  One is bigger, and another model smaller, but have not listened to them. I have auditioned several bookshelf speakers by Dynaudio, Totem, Marlin Logan, B and W, and KEF. Unfortunately they do not seem right, or they are not the right size.  The WOW1 is about the right size for my application.  Any feedback from members that has heard this speaker will be helpful. Thanks