Leveling my (2) turntable stand after it sitting for eight years...

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I have been adding butcher blocks to my equipment, all over..
So when I added a large 22" by 19" by 1 3/4 Maple, with a 19" by 16" by 3: Walnut in top of it. I was re-levelling the Kuzma TT. But... Well the stand was way off (1/4" low on the backside.)
So I left it.. with the nagging feeling I need to level the sucker up. So finally I measure with a level just how far off it is.. With the Right front as base. the Left front needs one washer, the Left rear two, and the Right rear 2 plus a little...
Well I take everything apart, and flip it over. Add the washers and realize the Right bottom is not even on the feet, but resting on Low TipToes plus some bits of rubber (this is what happens when you do not look at stuff for years and years.. No memory of them).. So I still left the front alone, and did a pile of washers on the rear foot to get it near the Tip toe, and guesstimated it will be good. The final shot was adding a 1/4 wedge to the rear tip toe anyway since it came loose and I have bits of hard rubber (which were on them anyway. So adding the 1/4" should be just right anyway.

Good thing I am not really fussy. LOL
So at this point the stand is back in place, and I am relaxing before getting started on adding the butcher blocks back, leveling them to a good point... etc.
Oh yeah My Kuzma Stabi Stogi S TT sits on the right, and my older Rega P-5 on the left.
Underneath the top of the stand sit my Audio Research SP-15 and it's power supply.

Added well I did the final level of the Kuzma just adding shims under the Upper Walnut Butcher block... Then I git the nagginf feeling if I do that what is the point of the Maple underblock. SO Took off the upper block again and put the exact same shims under the lower block, And YES Level.
Now after I add all sorts of other stuff to the shelving the level may go a bit out of wack.. But I can fix that too.
I am hoping since the feet are basically in the same spot they were in for years, that the rug will not settle anymore...
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All your hard work should pay off.  I recently reworked by entire table setup - leveling and full cartridge setup.  I have adjustable feet on my table but even still, it took about an hour to get it perfect in every direction, including the line that the cartridge travels.  I was shocked after a year sitting how far off it had gotten, and I'm in my basement on concrete.  I may not have been so careful the first time.


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   After re-leveling did you hear any difference in top end performance ?



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Performance? yes better for the Kuzma. Definitely seems better (but I also added the butcher blocks to the phono box for the Kuzma. So I cannot say it was the butcher blocks under the TT alone, or the preamp too.
On the other hand, the Rega is not sounding any better. But I just threw it on, withing much concern at the moment. So it is not as level as it should be, plus I should tweak the platform it is on. (I do know I ignore the Rega, and it sits unused for long periods. And I note if I do use it more, and play on it for several hours, it starts to sound better I think the captive interconnect of the Rega is the problem?) The Rega is a sooner or later, time to replace thing.... So I kind if don't care much about it. Rewiring the arm is never gonna happen...


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Took the Rega off and redid the bits between the upper and lower butcher blocks. From thin solid wood discs to bits of sorbothane. The biggest wow effect seems to be from trying one inch diameter steel ball bearings under the Rega feet.(on top of the upper butcher block) The Rega feet have a hollow and the ball bearing slip up into the hollow nicely. A few bits of Post it Notes to do the final leveling. and WOW WOW WOW the sound is glorious. Alive vivid, like a whole new TT.
I have no idea why I tried the ball bearings.  If someone ASKED me... I would say not nikely to do anything......
Goes to show you never really know what some trivial thing can do until trying it.
So now the Rega is also really good sounding... :thumb: