Why does the turntable need to be perfectly level?

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Re: Why does the turntable need to be perfectly level?
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Getting the forces even on the platter bearing?... certainly sounds real good.  However, most TTs (most belt units and rim drives, etc) apply single direction side forces to the platter and bearing through the belts or idlers, that are greater than those that would result from gravity acting on a significantly mis-leveled assembly.  A few designs, such as axial motor direct drives or balanced opposing belt pair drives, would get away from that condition. 

So once again, for best enjoyment YES work some to level your TT.  For best enjoyment also, don't overthink it too much.  :)

Cheers,  John


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Re: Why does the turntable need to be perfectly level?
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Do you level the platter or the pivot point of the arm? Or is it one in the same?
I recently had the experience of having my tone arm drop onto the record and then sweep all the way to the label across the grooves. My audio doctor suggested that I might just need a new needle and cartridge. At a local record shop where they can sell you new needles and cartridges, the technician put my turntable on his level surface. He soon found out that my turntable was not level. He used a sharpie pen on a CD case to make a mark at the top of the left side which was low. He brought the CD case over to the right side and the mark appeared to be 1/4" lower. When I got home I raised the left sideof the entire turntable by 1/4" and now I no longer have the sweeping tone arm and marvelous tone from all my records that had been slipping a lot lately.