Vandersteen SW for Spatial Loudspeakers.... a recommendation

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There is a Vandersteen 2wq in Utah for $350, local pick up... check the ad in Audiogon. For those of you owners of Spatial, if you live in the “neighborhood”, like within a 100 miles it would be a tremendous purchase. I own one, albeit the 2w, an older model, (over 25 yeaers old) and it works fabulously well. Firstly, it is a true subwoofer. Second, the way it is designed makes a perfect blend and it goes deep with taut bass when required without any nasty second effects and overhangs. I know it is not a dipole but its 3 8” drivers fire downward into a sloted chamber which distributes the sound evenly into the room. I also use a pair of diy Ripole subwoofers and really I can discern the musicality and better integration of the Vandersteen. And these, I know do not go deep. The only drawback is its size, not unobtrusive in a smaller room like mine.